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tanoISP provides two bulk messaging solutions to ensure you effectively communicate with your clients. This can be used for promotions, marketing, accounting and for general cost effective communications.

Incomming Emails

Spam makes up 45% of all emails you or your business receives daily.
What is important about this, is that it also means its costing you 45% more than it has to. In a small business, this might not seem relevant or cause for concern. However if you take these costs over a period then you might reconsider. Spam does not always translate directly to monetary losses, yet consider the following. If you have an employee and he spends 4 hours per day going through emails as part of his duties. If 45% of his incomming emails are spam, that means he spends 45% of the time filtering through emails. This is time that you are paying for. Now imagine you have 10 employees. So there is definitely costs involved with spam and this is just one poor example.
You may argue that you have spam filtering on your computer, but you neglect to realise the cost of bandwdith for transporting the unwanted spam via your internet line to your computer.
The tanoISP solution blocks spam long before it reaches your network and done at a very low cost. Anything from R3.50 per mailbox. This is what the system can do:
  • Over 99.9% spam blocked
  • False Positive Rate < 0.03%
  • Not only spam are blocked, but we have double antivirus engines
  • An intuitive web based interface
  • Admin and user level Config
  • Real-time reports of all emails
  • Redundancy - email accessible even if you mailserver crashes

Outgoing Emails

Just as you need to protect your network from incomming spam, you also need to protect yourself from outgoing spam. Many computers and email servers are infected without you knowing or your antivirus detecting it. For this we have an on premise solution that can be installed on your network to monitor and filter all outgoing emails and block it before leaving the network.

Web Filtering

Do you know what your employees are doing on the internet? There are many free tools available that mask there activities and inexperienced IT people may never know what employees are doing. The risks of someone visiting a website that was created to cause damage is enormous. You can comprise your entire company IT infrastructure, lose data and much more.
We have a simple solution that is used all over the world and in companies with over a thousand employees. The system only requires you to add a single number to your computers and it will automatically filter your employee activities on the internet.

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