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Our Fax Solutions

tanoISP is a provider of group that are trailblazers in the global internet fax technology industry. Our fax solutions comprise of Free-Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax (FaxOut) and Print-to-Fax.


There is no catch, tanoISP provides free fax numbers to businesses and individuals permitting them to receive high quality fax communications in tiff or pdf format right in their email accounts. This means that receiving a fax is as simple as receiving an email. Once we you are given your fax number, it is yours to keep for life. The only requirement to keep your Fax-to-Email number is to receive at least 1 fax a month. Our free Fax-2-Email service is compliant with regulatory requirements of electronic storing and archiving and includes forever archiving of your faxes and access to your faxes from any computer.



With our FaxOut system it is now possible to send a fax to any fax number using any emailing programme. A fax machines or phone lines are no longer needed. You simply send the fax by opening your email program and instead of sending to an email address, you put the fax number in the section. You can even attach a document if you prefer to do so.


Our Fax Printer software enables you to send faxes directly from your computer using Pastel, Word, Excel or any other application with a print function. You don't require any fax servers or costly add-on software. Our Fax Printer software works on Windows 7/Vista/2000 and you can download it by clicking HERE (download software).

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