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tanoISP provides two bulk messaging solutions to ensure you effectively communicate with your clients. This can be used for promotions, marketing, accounting and for general cost effective communications.

Bulk SMS

60% of South Africans have access to cellphones. This creates a completely new dimension to interacting with potential clients.
There are many bulk sms providers in the country, so why should you use our service? Truthfully, there are no reason that we can give you that will be justifiable. We do not promote ourselves as being the best provider of bulk sms services, but we do compete in this sphere. Many of our existing clients use the service, simply because it makes management of services easier and they have the backing of a world-class provider.
Currently our cost per SMS is 24 cents, but we have clients paying as little as 19 cents per sms. We are a solutions provider, so our key focus is integrating systems. We will therefore give you a more accurate price that depends on what you will use the service for, opposed to how much you will use.

Bulk Newsletters

With the digital age having such a huge impact on our daily lives, the majority of people prefer digital media over traditional print media.
Our sister company, PM-Squared, is a digital marketing and promotions powerhouse. We have combined our bulk newsletter service with their design and conceptualisation expertise and can now offer you bulk newsletter services from as little as 5cents per newsletter.
This service is similar to placing an advertisement in a newspaper, except it is done electronically and more importantly it is directed at your target market. Statistics show that there is approximately 1% return if you use traditional newspapers. This is because the distribution of the advertisement is not targetted. With electronic bulk newsletters, you decide who receives the advertisements, which is much more effective and yield higher ROI.

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