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tanoISP teamed up with two world leaders in end-point backup solutions and now we bring you 2 world-class options.
Many of us think that disasters can NEVER happen to us. This is until the day that you experience a power outage and when you switch your computer on you get nothing but a "black" screen, only to find out that the power surge damaged your hard-drive. You run back to your office to search for your flash-drive, DVD's and external hard-drives, only to realize that the last time you remembered to make a backup was 3 months ago! You've lost that proposal you worked on whole week or the preparation for of your financial statements for the bookkeeper and even worse, you lost client invoices and statements and have no idea what you clients owe you. A simple power failure have now turned into a DISASTER!

Corporate Solution

This solution is is the pioneer and market leader in data protection and governance at the edge of the enterprise, bringing visibility and control to business information. With the POPI ACT businesses are required to be compliant in terms of ICT governance, forensics and eDiscovery and much more. Our system takes care of that and is backed by Nexus, Sequoia and Tenaya from a financial perspective and expert support provided by DFA Solutions.
This solution goes further then your normal backup and retention:
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Mobile Device Tracking and eDiscovery
  • Secure File Sharing between devices
  • More suitable for companies with more than 10 employees or critical data in excess of 15GB
  • No hardware requirement
Why should you trust it? The answer is quite simple! Clients like DELL, KPMG, NASA, XEROX, DELOITTE, EPSON, FUJITSU, MCAFEE and PWC are just a few big corporates that TRUST this solution. If it works for them, it will surely work for you!

Our FREE Offer

Supported by the 2nd largest ISP in the world. We can therefore give you 15GIGS of space for FREE and a bonus! Backup space for your data! That is 6000 HD quality photos, 416 hours of mp3 music, 12.5 hours of DVD video - 15GB FREE!! NO CONTRACTS! NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

This is what you get:

  • 25GB of cloud space for all your data Read on and don't miss the BONUS!
  • Upgrade as you business grows - Our storage plans are from 100GB to 10TB.
  • All data is encrypted to ensure that your backups are stays safe and secure.
  • Give access to multiple or single file to whoever you want
  • Access your data online or via our application that works on Windows, Linux Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and iOS. This means on demand access from anywhere.
  • Synced data/information between unlimited devices on your network for redundancy.
  • Data is automatically synced and immediately checked if you make changes.
  • No scheduled backups - Everything is backed up and synced 'on-the-fly'.
  • Storage on the 3 world class data centers across the globe

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