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tanoISP is a division of the Tano'vero Group. Under the tanoISP division we have structured our services into three main groups.
Although we provide internet services, our focus is being an Internet Solutions Provider.


Think about this...What do you think of the entrances to major retailers or restaurants? If it was dirty, cluttered or had broken windows, would you still do business with them? Think of websites you have visited and what about it keeps you going back? Think about you bank's web application? Do you feel secure when using it? Do you need a website or a web application? Hundreds of questions that business owners tend not to ask and in the process they loose valuable clients.This is where tanoISP have the required expertise. We have been doing this for years and implement, customize, extend, and maintain the latest web and mobile technologies that keeps clients comming back to visit your business.
Web Application Development | Social Media Integration | Content Management | Hosting Services | Internet Connectivity | Internet Solutions


You have 10-30 seconds to make a first impression on a client. You don't talk to the client face-to-face and their impression is purely based on visuals and how your business looks online. We have very experienced designers that knows how to evenly balance contrast and create striking designs to captivate your clients and promote your brand.
Web Design | Branding | Site Maps | User Experience | Infographics


When business gets "tight" the first thing owners do is to cut spending on marketing and promotions. This is probably the worst decision one can make. It is exactly at this time that your need to increase on marketing and promotion strategies and drive more clients in order to generate more turnover. The digital media is a very cost effective means to keep costs low, whilst still being highly effective. In some cases it is even more effective compared to other mediums. We have done alot of research, analysis and evaluations to be able to assist you in your specific industry.
Brand Strategy | Social Media Marketing | SEO & SEM | Media Planning | Content Development Strategy

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